Good Evening is a website that exists to help performing arts lovers find out what’s on, that’s worth going to, without hassle, wherever you are.

Primarily created to save discerning arts lovers from the barrage of over-commercialised event listing websites that already exist, goodevening.info displays information about professional performances of classical symphonic and chamber music, contemporary music written in a classical idiom, traditional theatre, ballet and opera. On goodevening.info you will find information about concerts featuring the smallest chamber ensembles next to those of the most famous symphony orchestras. The common denominator is that all events listed are of a professional standard, so you’re guaranteed to have, ahem, a good evening.

We made goodevening.info because we believe that people who like these sorts of performances shouldn’t have to try so hard to find them! The idea is that, as new locations are added, audience members can consult one source to find out what’s happening and when, wherever they are, without seeing information about events that aren’t of interest, or having to look up the clunky web pages of ten different venues in a city they don’t know very well. It’s niche, and it’s easy.

Currently, goodevening.info lists information about professional performances only. You will find information about concert dates, venues, presenters, repertoire and ticket prices. Please note, this website is intended as a guide only and, whilst we make every effort to ensure the information displayed is correct, changes can occur and you should always consult the presenters’ web pages for the most up-to-date information. For further information please consult the terms and conditions as stated on this website.

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